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Training Packages


$550/ 30 days

This package is for horses with in-hand behavioral problems, unhandled horses, horses being restarted and weanlings-yearlings. This is strictly a groundwork package. Horses will be asked for:​

  • Lunging and round-penning (seasonal)

  • Yielding fore and hindquarters

  • Backing without resistance

  • Side-passing on & off the wall and over ground poles

  • Tarp work

  • Desensitizing to whip and rope - and lots of it

  • Flexing

  • Stand tied alone and while grooming


Horses 2+

  • Stand quietly for tacking up

  • Lunge with saddle and bridle

  • Desensitize to objects on saddle

  • Ground drive (if applicable)


~ Price determined after evaluation ~

​For overly pushy, rude, or "dangerous" horses. We are picky about what we take in this category, so an evaluation is required. We have experience working un-handled and un-tamed horses. 


$705/ 30 days

This is essentially "colt starting". This package can be for unbroke horses or older horses with holes in their training. Please note, this package is not for problem horses. It includes everything in 'The Ground Up" +:

  • Stand for mounting

  • Flex to bridle

  • Yield hindquarter and forequarter

  • Walk, trot and canter(if possible) quietly and confidently

  • Sidepass on and off the wall

  • Move off of leg and seat pressure

  • Ride alone and with other distractions


$605/ 30 days

For green broke and beyond that need miles or a tune up. Horses are taken through everything above to make sure there are no gaps. After it is confirmed the horse is ready to advance, we offer the following:

  • Spur stop & neck rein

  • Pivots, leg yields, and roll backs

  • Discipline specific training (western pleasure, reining, or ranch pleasure)

  • Lead changes

*prices include stall board

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