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Riding Lessons

Private Lessons; $40/hr. (max 2 riders)

Reduced rates available for boarders and share-boarders.

Horse Riding Lessons Start Here

Have you ever wanted to learn to ride a horse? Overcome a fear? Want to become a better rider? Prepare yourself for horse ownership? Come visit us at The Rockin' PJJR Ranch! 

Founded in 2005 we have grown to a full service horse facility. We at the Rockin' PJJR have a drive to provide the best possible horses for sale to fit each and every person's needs and abilities. Our polite and professional staff have over 100 years of experience in horse care and training for the needs of the horses and the people who love to ride them.

Lessons For All Levels

We specialize in helping beginners and non-beginners of all ages get started (or restarted) on the right foot with horses. safely and enjoyably. Our qualified instructors will give you a well-rounded guidance and direction to insure your successful future with horses! 

We offer high quality instruction in a lighted indoor facility. Private and semi-private lessons are offered rain or shine all year round. Students learn to groom and tack their own horses as part of the lesson. Student will learn proper balance, position and use of aids, and how the body is used as a means of asking the horse to move. 

Students' progress according to their abilities and begin trotting or cantering only when they have achieved the skills necessary to keep themselves properly balanced and can control their horse. 

Rockin PJJR Ranch - Riding Lessons in Ro
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