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Our Approach To Training

We offer a custom-tailored training program for your horse that focuses on problem-solving with a light touch and starting young horses under saddle with an emphasis on positive communication and respect. We do not believe there is “one way” to train a horse. Every horse is different and requires its own level of training and time. We take great pride in being patient, consistent and firm. Whether you need us to start your young horse under saddle, advance your horse to the next level or work through your horse’s behavioral problems, we can work with you to design a training program to meet your goals. We want your horse to be happy, use its mind, and respect you as a rider and partner. 

Starting Your Training Program

We prefer to do a free evaluation of all horses before they arrive to see their behavior in their home setting. This is not always possible, so it is not required. All training programs include free lessons for the owner to get a hands on look at how we are training their horse, so once he comes home the owner can further his training.

All horses will be taken through a minimum of three days groundwork training regardless of the package.

Our Specialties

Problem Horses

Advanced Groundwork

Yearling Longe Line/in-hand Trail

Western Pleasure


If you do not see a package that fits what you are looking for, please contact us. We will work with the specific needs of your horse to build a program around what you are wanting to achieve.

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